SPLOST means improved roads and streets

Fayette citizens deserve easy travel over well-maintained roads.  The March 21st SPLOST includes funds for numerous paving and improvement projects around the County that leverages matching funds from the U.S. and state governments…up to 80 percent.  A YES vote on March 21st means Fayette’s tax dollars go farther while you travel smoother. Road projects include:

  • New downtown road network – Fayetteville
  • Redwine Road/Rahmah Road roundabout – Fayetteville
  • Lafayette Road extension and roundabout – Fayetteville
  • Powers Court – Tyrone
  • Senoia Road – Tryone
  • Briarwood Road – Tyrone
  • Farr Road – Tyrone
  • Julia’s Crossing – Brooks

Fayette County

Unincorporated Transportation Projects (Details) $17,813,673

Please note, funds for multi-use paths and bike lanes are included on Fayette County’s PDF linked here but not in the total listed above.  They have been listed in the Quality of Life section.


Resurfacing: Milling, patching, leveling, and resurfacing of approximately 21+ miles of roadway. $4,550,872
Roundabout: Construction of roundabout to add capacity, maintain level of service and ensure safety. $1,200,000
Bridge Crossing: Construction project to connect the Fayette Piedmont Hospital/West Fayetteville Area to the existing path system. $600,000
Downtown Master Plan: Preliminary engineering for road and path network. $500,000
Multi-use Path Master Plan: Design master plan for expansion of the multi-use path systems $75,000
Median Landscaping: Engineering and design of landscaped medians on Highway 85  $75,000


Julia’s Crossing – Paving & Improvements $198,000
Butler Road – Paving & Improvements $228,000
SR 85 Connector Sidewalk & Curb Improvements $162,000
SR 85 Connector/Brooks Road/Gable Road $392,000
Hogan Road Paving & Improvements $170,000
Friendship Church Road Paving & Improvements $167,000

Peachtree City

Roads $29,619,180


State Grant (LMIG, LWCF, LCI) Matching Funds $225,000
FDR and Repaving of Powers Court/Senoia Road $550,000
Installation of SR74 North on-ramp/Senoia Road Extension $400,000
Mill, Patch and Paving of Briarwood and Farr Roads $900,000