Quality Of Life

Quality of Life

SPLOST means enhanced quality of life

Fayette County boasts an excellent quality of life. Your YES vote on the March 21 SPLOST will maintain and enhance Peachtree City’s famous multiuse path system and add capacity to Fayetteville and Tyrone’s multiuse path systems too.  Additional projects include:

  • Multi-use path system maintenance and expansion in Peachtree City, Fayetteville and Tyrone
  • Lighting, signage and landscaping for gateways, medians and streetscapes in Fayetteville and Tyrone
  • Amenity enhancements at Drake Field, Glenloch, Line Creek, Handley Park and Dorethea Redwine Park
  • Woolsey Mercantile Building restored to become the Woolsey Community Center

Fayette County

Woolsey Community Center Project Support $223,000
Multi-use Path System $1,456,680
Bike Lanes $250,000


Land Acquisition: Purchase of land, greenspace, equipment, and maintenance $3,400,000
Multi-use Path System $75,000

Peachtree City

Multi-Use Path System $9,564,545
Parks & Recreation $1,023,000


Sidewalks/Paths Expansion
(Commerce, Spencer, Palmetto, Swanson) roads
Handley Park Phase IV Fields and Facilities $325,000
Dorethea Redwine Park Multiuse Redevelopment $350,000
Gateway and Streetscape Improvements
(lighting, signage, landscape)