Projects By Jurisdiction

Projects By Jurisdiction

Approved project budgets will be spent over a six-year period

Fayette County

Stormwater Projects $23,741,641
 E911 Radio System  $18,211,536
 Fire Station #4 & Pumper  $2,950,000
Woolsey Community Center Project Support  $223,000
 Unincorporated Transportation Projects (Details)  $19,520,353
Total  $64,646,530

Peachtree City

Roads $29,619,180
Multi-Use Path System $9,564,545
Public Safety $3,316,110
Parks & Recreation $1,023,000
Lake Peachtree Dam / Spillway Enhancements $1,950,000
Total $45,472,835



Facilities: Upgrades to water plant and wastewater plant. $8,000,000
Debt Retirement: Repayment of loan for stormwater culvert installation. $1,500,000
Total Stormwater/Wastewater $9,500,000


Resurfacing: Milling, patching, leveling, and resurfacing of approximately 21+ miles of roadway. $4,550,872
Roundabout: Construction of roundabout to add capacity, maintain level of service and ensure safety. $1,200,000
Bridge Crossing: Construction project to connect the Fayette Piedmont Hospital/West Fayetteville Area to the existing path system. $600,000
Downtown Master Plan: Preliminary engineering for road and path network. $500,000
Multi-use Path Master Plan: Design master plan for expansion of the multi-use path systems $75,000
Median Landscaping: Engineering and design of landscaped medians on Highway 85  $75,000
Total Transportation $7,872,000

Public Safety

Facilities: Design and construction of a new fire station $1,000,000
Vehicles: Public safety vehicle replacements for the fire and police department $3,885,000
Equipment and technology: New and upgraded equipment for the police department $224,000
Total Public Safety $5,109,000

Parks and Recreation

Land Acquisition: Purchase of land, greenspace, equipment, and maintenance $3,400,000
Total Parks and Recreation $3,400,000
Total All Projects $25,009,872


Type 1 Projects – Administrative/In-Kind

State Grant (LMIG, LWCF, LCI) Matching Funds $225,000
Debt Services Reduction (GTIB project loans) $2,325,000
Sanitary Sewer Connection/Expansion $1,700,000
Total Type 1 $4,250,000

Type 2 Projects – Construction Concepts

Sidewalks/Paths Expansion
(Commerce, Spencer, Palmetto, Swanson) roads
Miniature Roundabout at Palmetto/Spencer/Arrowwood $350,000
Handley Park Phase IV Fields and Facilities $325,000
Dorethea Redwine Park Multiuse Redevelopment $350,000
FDR and Repaving of Powers Court/Senoia Road $550,000
Replacement of culverts on Dogwood and Pendleton Trails $625,000
Installation of SR74 North on-ramp/Senoia Road Extension $400,000
Mill, Patch and Paving of Briarwood and Farr Roads $900,000
 Total Type 2 $4,050,000

Type 3 Projects – Planned Improvements

Gateway and Streetscape Improvements (lighting, signage, landscape) $150,000
Town Hall Renovations/ADA compliance improvements $250,000
Purchase of Public Safety Patrol Vehicles $100,000
Project Overrun Contingency (8.5%) $250,000
Total Type 3 $750,000
Total All Projects $9,050,000


Julia’s Crossing – Paving & Improvements $198,000
Butler Road – Paving & Improvements $228,000
SR 85 Connector Sidewalk & Curb Improvements $162,000
SR 85 Connector/Brooks Road/Gable Road $392,000
Hogan Road Paving & Improvements $170,000
Friendship Church Road Paving & Improvements $167,000
Total $1,317,000