SPLOST means stronger infrastructure

Infrastructure provides the foundation on which communities literally build.  A YES vote on March 21st will address much needed infrastructure that will position our county back on firm ground. Fayette County’s infrastructure project lists include:

  • Fayette County stormwater projects
  • Lake Peachtree dam and spillways
  • Fayetteville Wastewater upgrades
  • Tyrone Sewer connection expansion
  • Fayetteville fiber optic network
  • Tyrone Town Hall renovations and ADA compliance improvements
  • Culvert replacements in Tyrone

Fayette County

Stormwater Projects $23,741,641


Facilities: Upgrades to water plant and wastewater plant. $8,000,000
Debt Retirement: Repayment of loan for stormwater culvert installation. $1,500,000

Peachtree City

Lake Peachtree Dam / Spillway Enhancements $1,950,000


Debt Services Reduction (GTIB project loans) $2,325,000
Sanitary Sewer Connection/Expansion $1,700,000
Replacement of culverts on Dogwood and Pendleton Trails $625,000
Town Hall Renovations/ADA compliance improvements $250,000